Crossover Group is working towards a better environment! 🌎

In 2023, the Rotterdam office took the first step in reducing carbon emissions and achieved the certificate level 1. We are proud to announce that our Rotterdam office now has achieved CO2 Certificate level 3! Within one year, our Rotterdam office has advanced from level 1 to level 3!

Over the past year, we have raised our awareness regarding:

  • Our travel behavior
  • Cartridge collection
  • Recycling
  • Gas and electricity consumption

Additionally, our QHSSE Manager, Kim Boender, attended the CO2 ‘Positive Impact’ event and participated in the ‘behavior change’ segment. We are committed to ongoing efforts to improve the environment and aim to raise CO2 awareness across all of our global offices. Make It Happen! 🌟

Link certificate: CO2 Certificate NCI (dutch)

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